Experience //

// Senior 3D Modeller at Urban Circus

May 2016  - November 2016

- Urban environment modelling, including lighting, materials, texturing for both real-time and pre-render scenes.
- Compositing and visualization of civil engineering and architectural designs.
- Management of project resources, scheduling and deadlines .


// Lead Designer at Focus Design


July 2015  - Present


- Development of innovative concepts for solutions to technical, complex issues.
- Production of all art & design content, including 3D characters, environments, props, icons, animations, & post production work.
- Directing & managing visual style, materials & design elements to art department and other parties.


// Distance Games Tutor at Evocca College


March 2015  - April 2016


- Teaching game development distance learning to students via phone, email, & Skype.

- Mentoring and motivating students through their qualifications & studies.

- Leading workshops and working with students individually.

- Marking assessments based on course curriculum.

- Identifying individual learning needs of each student.


// Technical Artist at dorsaVi


February 2014  - February 2015


- Creation of all art content, including 3D models, 2D art, animations and post production work.
- User interface design using in-house tools ( reports, live training games & e-learning).
- Game development for clinical live training exercises in XNA ( character and environment modelling, texturing, and animations).
- Liaising with outsourcing teams to coordinate art production for e-learning and promotional materials.


// 3D Artist at Catalyst Interactive (KBR)


March 2012 – January 2014


- Environment & level building (white boxing, modelling, texturing, lighting, optimization to final level) for real-time visualizations using Unity.
- 3D Asset creation( high to low res modelling, texturing, implementation) for CryEngine 3 simulations. 
- Pre-rendered 3D visualizations for clients ( Max based modelling, texturing, rendering, animatics, final composites) 
- QA support & implementation of gameplay using in-house scripting tools for training scenarios. 

– Working with the art team, programming team and design team to meet requirements of projects.


// 3D Art Teacher at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment


March 2011 – January 2012


- Teaching students 3D modelling techniques, unwrapping, texturing, animation.
– Designing course lessons and tutorials & writing curriculum.


// Junior Artist at Micro Forte


August 2011 – November 2011


- Concepting, environment asset creation & level building.
– Implementation of assets and levels for gameplay use
– Optimization of art assets for mobile device requirements.


// Level Designer / Environment Artist at Flaming Brain Studios


March 2011 – June 2011


- Drawing 2D sketches of levels and planning level flow.
– Blocking out 3D prototypes and testing within game.
– Using modular assets to build levels.
– Scripting in Unreal to implement gameplay.
– QA support to check for bugs and playability.


Education //


// The Academy of Interactive Entertainment


- Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Development (Major in Art), 2010-2011


// Briston Training & Development


- Cert IV in Training & Assessment, 2015-2015

Summary // I am a senior 3D artist with 8 years experience working professionally within the games, simulation, visualisation and education industries, with previous experience in the modding community. I am a highly motivated and hard working artist, always eager to improve my skills and  happy to work in a team to make great products.


I am highly adaptable and can do a large range of styles. Furthermore, working with both large & small teams has helped me develop many generalist skills in software development. I enjoy sharing knowledge with others as well as having new techniques shown to me. In the past I have given tutorials on artwork, presentations at education institutions, and taught students the basics of digital media all the way to a finished product.