Clinical Exercise Games

These games were are part of the ViLive products designed to improve movement awareness, fine muscle control and spinal stability using game technology. I was the sole artist on these projects, along with another programmer. All design, art, animation, sound, & scripting were done by myself. Engine used was XNA.

LHD Virtual Training

LHD Virtual Training was a real-time 3D training program used to teach training requirements for Australia's new LHD ships. It utilizes CryEngine 3 technology and is used by the Australian Navy. I was working as a 3D Artist under a larger team, producing 3D assets, building levels, & implementing gameplay. 

Shipped Products: Games, Simulation Training & Visualizations

Into The Night

"Into The Night" is a running game for iOS & Android. This was part of a internship at Micro-Forte, the studio responsible for Fallout Tactics & Big World MMO Technology. I was responsible for all environment assets on this title. I was also responsible for contributing to design choices, compatability, playtesting & gameplay.


ViMove, ViPerform & ViSafe are motion analysis software used for clinical practice, elite sports & occupation health and safety purposes. I am responsible for all art content created, including 3D characters, environments, props, icons, animations & post production work