Deus Ex Human Revolution // Based on a concept by Eidos Montreal for Deus Ex Human Revolution. Built over 7 days, to demonstrate hard surface skills. This scene was also featured on Crytek's developer website Created all assets, including block outs, modelling, texturing and building scene in-engine. 

Low Poly Stylized Games  // These environments & characters were built solely by myself being the only artist. These were created for clinical training games to help rehabilitate low back pain patients.  I was responsible for all modelling, hand painted texturing, baked lighting and various methods to optimize for mobile devices. My responsibilities included all design, art, animation, user interface design, & scripting. 

Vehicle Modelling  // These vehicles were built for next-gen specs using sub-division modelling to create high polygon models to then optimize them for game-ready purposes. All modelling & texturing are done by myself. Environment is not made by me and is only for showcase purposes.  


Low Poly Stylized Models  // Stylized low poly models with using different shaders and rendering techniques, utilizing mainly hand painted texturing and diffuse only textures.  

Realistic Next Gen Props // Hard surface modelling of complex weapons & props, catered for Physically Based Rendering workflow.  Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2.


LNG Visualizations // Commerial work produced for clients while working for KBR. Responsibilities were modelling, texturing, rendering & compositing. 

Real-Time Serious Gaming// Real time game ready environments, characters & animations produced for clients for visualization purposes. Responsibilities were character & environment modelling, texturing, animation, rigging, etc. 


Stylized Low Poly Faceted  // Pre-rendered marketing images and real-time content for stylized low poly mobile games for Enabler Interactive. Responsibilities include 3D models, rigs, animation, lighting, particles, compositing, etc.


Commercial Arch Viz  // These scenes were done for clients and internal showcasing purposes while working at KBR. My responsibilities were modelling & texturing. Additional prop work was done by Nelson Castillo while lighting and rendering was done by Kristian Terry. 

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Architectural Work // Apartment bedroom interior with an emphasis on minimalist Scandinavian aesthetics. Floor Generator & MultiTextures was used as well. Final composite, raw render & wires below.